• April 23 2021
  • Royal Kerckhaert


Larkin Greene (FPD) shared info and images given to him by Bob Smith of the Pacific Coast Horseshoeing School.

This club footed horse was confined in deep sand that contributed to gross hoof wall separation. All loose and flaky structure was removed and the foot rebuilt with three layers of Vettec SuperFast, followed by nailing up a shoe.

Below you will find the several steps Bab Smith took to do this hoof repair: 

stap 1 - hoefreparatie met Vettec SuperFast


Club foot with severe hoof wall separation due to stand long in deep sand.

stap 2 - hoefreparatie met Vettec SuperFast


The first step in this treatment is the removal of all loose material to get down to solid structure.

stap 3 - hoefreparatie met Vettec SuperFast


The preparation is now completed. The hoof is clear and we can now add the layers Vettec Super Fast.

stap 4 - hoefreparatie met Vettec SuperFast



The first of three layers of SuperFast utilized to minimize exotherm. The shoe is placed for border reference.

stap 5 - hoefreparatie met Vettec SuperFast



Vettec Super Fast has a very fast setting. In only 30 seconds Vettec SuperFast is set. This step shows the final SuperFast layer. The nails are pulled and re-driven. 

stap 6 - hoefreparatie met Vettec SuperFast



As soon as the third layer is set, we can start rasping to shape and finish.

stap 7 - hoefreparatie met Vettec SuperFast



The completed hoof repair. The shoe  is nailed and clinched completely within the SuperFast.



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