• March 5 2024
  • Royal Kerckhaert

Forging the future together with our BFF's

In the world of farriery, more and more women are choosing the profession of farrier. It is a global trend that we observe and where we also get signals that some things require a different approach than men. This can be anything from an adapted women's apron and shoes, to tools with a different type of handle, for example... These are important elements that require the right ergonomic touches and can thus provide sustainable support.

BFFsIn spring 2023, we launched the BFFs - Best Female Farriers. During the first Ladies Farriers Day organised by the Dutch Farriers Association in spring 2023, we launched the BFF campaign. BFF stands for Best Female Farrier. During that day, we went in search of the passionate female farriers who will join us in looking at numerous products and see if a female touch is needed. That way, together with them - from experience and knowledge - we can give more future perspective to female craftsmanship.

Meanwhile, together with the BFFs, we are working hard to scrutinise numerous products and working methods and to see if a female touch is needed. For example, the product development of the female farrier apron is already in full swing and we are exploring options for other products.

Are you also a female farrier but not yet a member of the BFF club? Would you like to participate in thinking and working on sustainable opportunities? Let us know!


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